Pluma, Iberian accorn-fed pork “Revisan”

CHF 8,70 / 100gr

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CHF69,60 / Piece

Iberian accorn-fed pork pluma “Revisan”



Fresh meat from acorn-fed Iberian pigs is only available from January to March, after the last phase of the ´montanera` the period when the animals are fed on the acorns of the oak grasslands. Many of its delicious cuts are still little known to the general public.



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Essensaciones imports this Iberian pork, whose ancestral origins come from at least these three subspecies:

– European wild boar

– Mediterranean wild boar

– Asian wild boar


The characteristics of this pure breed are that of a rustic animal with a grey/brown coat, long snout, pointed ears and limbs adapted to making it an excellent grazer.

It is fed from the piglet stage with a compound feed, and then fattened by grazing in the ´dehesa` during the ´montanera´`period. The ‘montanera’ is the last stage in the rearing of the Iberian pig

when the traditional fattening process takes place, amidst cork and holm oak trees, with the acorn being the fundamental foodstuff before the animal is slaughtered.

It is a very delicate animal with a high mortality rate. It has a low tolerance to cold and the females have an average of 4 to 6 piglets per litter.



Pluma ibérica


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