Plancton (UMAMI) “Green Sea Bio System one”

CHF87,00 / Glass jar Imp. Incl

CHF87,00 / Glass jar

Plancton Algán 100% Tetraselmis chuii (Spain)


UMAMI VEGAN food. ALLERGEN FREE from fish, shellfish and crustaceans.

Plancton Algán® is a food made from 100% microalgae of the species Tetraselmis chuii. This gourmet food is a natural and healthy flavour enhancer that will give your dishes the intense and pleasant taste of the sea.



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Essensaciones imports this plankton, which is not only healthy but is also a microalgae culture that provides possible solutions to reduce the problems of our planet.

Microalgae are photosynthetic macroorganisms capable of producing food from inorganic substances. They provide oxygen and organic compounds of high nutritional value these being essential to the maintenance of life on Earth. Microalgae are the main source of photosynthetic production on the planet.


Their great “metabolic plasticity” and capacity for rapid growth allows them to double in size in a matter of hours, producing a biomass of great versatility and very great economic interest for various markets such as human and animal food, pharmacology, cosmetics, agriculture, livestock, hydroponics and aquaculture.


The most outstanding feature of microalgae cultivation is the economic, social and environmental self-sustainability in all economic sectors and is easily scalable with the creation of parks worldwide.



1: Place the plankton into a container and add water little by little until the texture is smooth, there should be no lumps.

2: For good hydration, 25ml of water should be mixed with 10g of plankton, depending on how it is to be used, it can be hydrated with more or less water to the desired flavour.

3: Once the plankton has been hydrated, it can be kept covered with film in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

4: The hydrated plankton can be used raw and incorporated into the rest of the ingredients being used.

5: If using in hot dishes, the hydrated paste should be incorporated once the cooking process is over, it is not recommended to bring to the boil as it would lose some of its nutritional properties.


Nutritional values

Energy content: 340 (kcal)

Fat content:  7,5(gr)

Fat (Saturated):  2,2(gr)

Protein: 38(gr)

Carbohydrates: 31(gr)

Carbohydrates (Sugars): 0 (gr)

Salt: 4,2(gr)


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8 gr glass jar, 15 gr glass jar, 50 gr pet Horeca

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